Top 10 Best ATV for Kids – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If your child is set on racing across various terrain with an all-terrain vehicle (also known as an ATV or quad), it’s up to you to get them the best kids ATV available. These vehicles dates back to the 1960s with the first four-wheeler not being on the market until the 1980s. Kids weren’t active with them due to safety concerns. Now, it’s rare to find a child not riding one of these vehicles.

The popularity of kids using ATVs has grown over the past few years considering the improvement in design, safety elements, and cost. There are age-restrictions on many of vehicles, so it’s important to read about the ATV you have in mind before making a purchase. Also, finding a top rated ATV with good safety elements can be difficult with so many options on the market.

Our following guide will help you in your search to find the right ATV for your child. We’ll discuss topics related to the power behind the vehicles, the terrain they’ll be used on, safety, and more. Once you’ve read through, you will have an easier time finding the best kids ATV and your child will spend countless hours riding.


Important Features and Aspects to Consider When Buying an ATV for Your Kids

Before you go out and buy that amazing all-terrain Vehicle your child’s been begging for, there are numerous features to check out. For instance, the best four-wheelers for kids are designed to keep them as safe as entertained.

Top-quality ATVs have traits such as the proper height for the recommended age, durability, and speed. When it comes to speed, even fast four-wheelers for kids have some governed speed controls to keep the child safe.

The following will go in detail about the various aspects you should consider before buying any ATV for your kids.



Power Source of an ATV for Children

When it comes to powering up that all-terrain Vehicle, there are two sources available: gas and electric. Electric four-wheelers for kids are easier for kids who are not used to riding ATVs. They don’t have as much speed, so they won’t prove much of a challenge – especially if your child is just moving on from something like an electric scooter.

On the other hand, if your child has more experience with riding, consider going for a gas powered four-wheeler for kids. They’re not as easy to handle, but they are the most powerful four-wheelers a child can ride. That’s why it’s important your child is well-versed in riding if going for the gas option.



Another thing to keep in mind about the power source is how you will keep it going once it runs out of power. Gas must be kept on-hand for gas powered quads for kids and the ability to recharge the battery for electric ones by attaching the charger to an electrical outlet.


Age of Your Child

When you’re comparing four-wheelers, keep in mind the age of your child as it will help instantly narrow down your search. An ATV for kids comes in a variety of sizes to choose. You can find four-wheelers for 2 year olds as readily as you can find a quad for a 7 year old.

At younger age ranges, a quad is considered closer to a toy than something you would truly on an off-road adventure. Four-wheelers for 11 year olds tend to have more power as they can be used on various terrain with no problems.

The recommended age is just that: a recommendation. You should also factor in the size of your child in addition to their experience-level. A child who is 8 or 9 years old may still benefit from using a small four-wheeler for kids if they lack familiarity with quads.


Location. Where Your Kid Will Use ATV?

These powerful machines are known as all-terrain vehicles for a good reason. Many mini ATVs for kids are not intended for as much rough use as their adult-equivalents. So, have an idea of where your child will be using the quad before making a decision.



For instance, you can find nice four-wheelers that can handle a number of surfaces from grass to concrete with no issues. There are even ones that can be used indoors, which can be an advantage for little ones that are just starting out. It is more controlled that way.

Real ATVs for kids will have a sufficient versatility for greater outdoor use across trails, slopes, rocks, and more. Remember to check with the area you know your child will ride the most as that will ensure you buy the proper quad for the job.


Energy Capacity of Kids’ Four Wheelers

The power in four-wheelers intended for children are not as intense as adult models. This is due in large part to energy capacity. Whether your child is riding an electric or gas powered quad, both come with a fixed amount of energy.

ATV four-wheelers for kids on the lower energy capacity spectrum generally handle with ease. They do not go too fast, and kids who are just beginning their riding journey can learn at a gradual pace.

If you and your child feel as they can advance, feel free to purchase a new quad with a larger energy capacity. You can even upgrade your current ATV to help improve and boost the overall performance. Whatever the energy capacity, be sure to perform routine service on the quad, or take it to be serviced professionally to ensure it performs safely and as intended.


Safety of Four Wheelers for Kids

For ATVs alone, there are a host of safety regulations and concerns. When it comes to kids’ ATVs, there is an even bigger emphasis on safety. Quads designed for children should only used by children and you should never ignore safety warnings such as age and weight limits.

Additionally, a kids’ motorized ATV should have quality brakes to prevent accidents and injuries. It doesn’t hurt to have ergonomic or padded handles as that can assist your child in having a sturdier, more secure grip.

The safest ATV for kids is equipped with additional features such as a sturdy frame for durability, premium tires, reactive throttle control,, and headlights for use in nighttime conditions. Many kids’ wheelers have speed modes, and some can only be adjusted if you use a specialized key that gives you – the adult, more control.

Training courses will benefit you and your kid to understand proper operation of a quad. In addition, be sure your child has the necessary safety gear such as helmets to stay protected at all times.


Speed of Kids Motorized ATV

We touched on previously about speed options when it comes to kids’ four-wheelers. Speed is of utmost importance, more so for younger kids (e.g. under 6 years old), and kids that have never ridden a quad before.

You do not want to put an inexperienced or young driver on an ATV that goes too fast. There are quads that have a top seed of 4MPH, and others that go 12mph or more. Pay attention to the skill your kid has riding in addition to their age to help decide which quad is best.

One thing to look out for is a parental lockout feature. Such a feature, allows you to control the speed of  your kids four-wheeler. If you don’t feel as though they are ready to go beyond where they’re at, you can lock the speed limit in place, and they have no way of changing it on their own.

It is one of the best features a quad can have so your child stays safe and develops their skills at an appropriate pace.