Review of the best baby doll for 3 year old in 2019

Have you searched through hundreds of toys on the market trying to find the best baby doll for your 3-year-old? The choices may seem never-ending with dolls available in every size and texture. Since your child is quickly developing both motor and cognitive skills, you need the right baby doll to stoke her imagination.
There is a solution. We can help you figure out which baby doll is the one your 3-year-old will carry everywhere. We will point out the most important features of a doll.

the best baby doll for your 3-year-old

In addition to discussing the different aspects of the toy, we will show you a comparison table and let you read various product reviews about the dolls on the market. Our question and answer section will give you further insight into the needs of your 3-year-old. We will help you choose with confidence the best baby doll for your little one!

Buyer’s Guide of the best baby doll for 3 year old

We’ve studied various dolls you can find in toy stores and have made some significant observations. Each is made to appeal to children within a specific age range and includes the appropriate accessories.

the best baby doll for your 3-year-old

To choose the best baby doll for a 3-year-old, consider the child’s maturity level above all things. Other factors such as gender play an important role as well. According to Jenny Hope of the Daily Mail, a recent study has been presented to the British Psychological Society suggesting girls overwhelmingly prefer dolls over other toys. Boys, however, can mimic parenting methods and have favorite dolls too.
Your three-year-old’s personal interests can help determine which baby doll is best for her. If she’s fascinated with details, she’s well-suited for a doll with many accessories. One made of soft materials will most likely become a favorite doll of a child who loves to cuddle. Research shows that 3-year-olds prefer toys with real-life features such as talking dolls.

Key Features of a Doll

1. Safety

While dolls for 3-year-old girls can vary in size and appearance, they must meet basic safety standards. Some of these standards are as follows.

the best baby doll for your 3-year-old

  • None of the materials on the doll should be flammable.
  • The doll should have no ribbons longer than 11 inches.
  • The plastic on the doll should not have been softened by phthalates
  • Bean bag dolls should be sewn securely so the pellets are contained.

2. Materials

Through the years, dolls have been made of materials such as.

the best baby doll for 3-year-old

  • Wood
  • Wax
  • Paper Mache
  • Bisque
  • Porcelain
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl

The most popular baby dolls today are vinyl, but a few are made completely of fabric. These soft dolls for girls and boys are often favorite sleep toys. Some 3-year-olds have outgrown plush dolls for babies and are ready for harder materials.

3. Child Age

If your child has just turned three, she may still be too young for dolls that come with small accessories. Every child matures at a different rate. As a parent, use your own judgment about choking hazards. Your little one’s motor skills and interests will change as she approaches her fourth birthday. When you’re considering dolls for 3-year-olds, always think about each child as an individual.

4. Doll’s Hair Type

A 3-year-old girl’s playing doll should have attractive hair whether it’s made of yarn or synthetics. The material should be attached securely because you never know when a 3-year-old will decide to carry her baby doll by its hair! If your child is interested in brushing the doll’s hair, then get a wire brush with no rubber ends on the bristles or a metal hair pick for curly hair. Regardless of the doll’s hair type, good kids’ dolls are made well with hair that does not come out easily.
5. Doll’s Eye Type
When a doll’s eyes are painted on, they can’t become a choking hazard. This eye type is common on fabric dolls. Vinyl dolls usually have acrylic or urethane eyes because they’re affordable and lightweight. Glass eyes tend to make a doll heavy and are best for older children.

6. Doll’s Body Type

Three-year-olds enjoy high quality dolls that have vinyl heads and bodies made of soft, flexible materials. The doll’s torso and limbs may be stuffed with little plastic pellets. Although most toddlers are completely satisfied with unjointed baby dolls, some may like to move the limbs into different positions.

7. Doll Accessories

Dolls with accessories often come with the following items.

  • Bottles
  • Diapers
  • Pacifiers
  • Clothing
  • Blankets

If you’re looking for a cool doll for girls, you’ll need lots of accessories. Your 3-year-old will use the extra baby items creatively especially as she approaches her fourth birthday. She’ll learn to be a loving caretaker through free play and develop social skills at the same time.

8. Special Doll Features

You can find a baby doll that does everything from talking and crying to kicking and crawling. In fact, baby dolls that simply cry and wet may be considered old-fashioned by some. Interactive talking dolls are common in today’s market.

The question is, “Which product is the best baby doll for my 3 year old?”. Quite a few dolls are available that are similar to Baby Alive. However, your little girl’s favorite doll may not be a talking doll. She may prefer an ordinary rag doll with a bean bag body. The choices are endless, and you can enjoy shopping for your child’s baby doll as much as she will enjoy playing with it.