Top-10 Best Baby Memory Book – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


How many times have you searched for the best baby memory book only to get overwhelmed by the endless options? We are here to help narrow down the selection and explain the differences between the various memory books available. We will also include recommendations based on the best product reviews we could find.

The perfect book is out there just waiting for you to fill it with the most precious memories of your family’s life! These moments of wonder and bliss are fleeting and if you’re here reading this now, you already know the importance of recording milestones, photos, and more of your cherished little one’s earliest stages of life.

You may want to spend time with details, imprints, notes, embellishments, and more or a more relaxed, minimal approach may be your speed. You may also be somewhere in between.

This post will answer your questions and remove any doubts you have about which baby book to select for your growing family. You will be confident on your way to buying the best option for your specific needs!


What to Keep in Mind When Buying The Best Baby Memory Book

Memory books come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and functions.

The main thing to keep in mind to help make your selection is how much work and time you want to put into this important project. You may want to record every little detail, but worry about how to do it aesthetically. You may care more about photos and less about writing. Or, you may want to keep things a bit more organized by separating your baby’s photos from the endless list of milestones, achievements, experiences, and anything in between.

We have gathered our favorite selection of beautiful baby memory books to provide examples and suggestions to help you decide which baby memory book will work best for you.


Narrowing Down the Selection

Classic Baby Memory Books

If time and creativity is your concern, plenty classic baby memory books out there have already done most of the work for you. This is a perfect option for a busy family who wants to record important moments, but without the stress of having to come up with a presentable way to organize your memories.

Many books come with pre-decorated pages full of prompts, while also incorporating spaces for photos for a cohesive look.


Baby Memory Scrapbook

If you are the creative type who loves taking on crafty art projects, a baby memory scrapbook is a great option for you! You will be able to bring your own style and flair to the setup, creating a true one-of-a-kind memory book.

The options for this route are endless, as you can choose from any type of scrapbook that suits your style.


Baby Imprints Memory Book

There’s just something so captivating about tiny newborn baby fingers and toes! Just about any baby book highlights this feature or has a page dedicated to the imprints of your baby’s hands and feet. If this is an important feature for you, prepare ahead of time and gather the proper ink-pad before baby arrives. They really do grow so fast, so this is something you’re going to want to document right away.


Baby Memory Book

This option is for those who like to keep a written journal separate from the millions of pictures you may potentially end up having of your little one. You can have a book of photos, milestones, memories, letters, and more. If you’re a writer, this is the choice for you.

Other Things To Consider


Picture Size

Each baby memory book is unique and the layouts will vary from color templates, to picture sizes, and even shapes. With Instagram taking over as the most popular place to share pictures, the evolution of picture shapes has evolved from rectangular to square. If this style appeals to you, we recommend selecting a book from Ruby Roo. This month-by-month baby book is filled with 56 pages of beautiful illustrations that incorporate square photo guides. We love this family owned company because of the heart and soul they pour into their Eco conscious work.


Number of Pictures

Our smart phones make it so easy to capture moments all day every day. There are plenty baby memory photo books that have adequate space to fill with photos. If you can’t narrow your selection down to fit the predesignated templates, we recommend this handmade wood journal that is available in 2 sizes with customization. Starting with options at just $34, this scrapbook alternative allows for a massive amount of photos.


Taking Notes

Artifact Uprising has created one of the most elegant baby books we’ve ever come across. If you have concerns about which notes to write in a baby book, they’ve got you covered with their premium baby memory book. It features a foil stamped title on the cover made with consciously sourced recycled materials. We love everything this book has to offer. From cover to cover, the inside boasts 100 pages (50 sheets) of available space to fill with your memories. In addition to spaces for note taking, they have included many beautiful prompts to spare you the stress of deciding what to write. From basics like birth stats to more personal prompts to answer things like how the news was shared with the family and pages including titles like “Our Wishes for You”, “Encouraging Words to Guide You” and many more! Although this is the priciest option on our list, keep in mind quality comes at a price, and with their quality guarantee, you can’t go wrong with this investment.



This 4×6 baby book memory journal is only $15 and is the perfect option for writers who want to keep milestones, notes, and more separate from a potentially never-ending photo album. This new baby journal includes prompts for milestones and additional room for other important memories as well.



Deemelle is another favorite for great baby books. Here you will find themes ranging from Harry Potter and Disney to other fun hipster baby book themes.

Now you know all about baby books and the different styles, you can peacefully be on your way to purchasing the best baby memory book that best suts you and your beautiful family!