Top 10 Best Baby Push Walkers Reviews

If your baby is starting their exciting journey to learn how to walk, consider getting the best baby push walker to help him or her along the way. Baby walkers have a long history dating back centuries. However, the classic appearance of a child in a ring, whether standing or sitting, has evolved thanks to various alternatives known as push walkers.

Push walkers have an added benefit to give your child more freedom to move while encouraging the development of proper balance, understand their speed, and more. In addition, many are designed with various activities and toys. This makes the walkers versatile so your baby can still entertain themselves even when they aren’t pushing anything.

If you are unsure where to begin searching for the best baby push walker, consider our reviews of the top 10 best walkers on the market today. This will help get an understanding of what is popular with aiding a baby’s development as well as keeping them safe.


Important Features to Consider When Buying a Push Walker for Your Baby

Prior to settling on any of the best baby push walkers we review, understanding the qualities and features that make for a top-rated push walker is advantageous. There are several options on the market, but not all are created equal. The features of a push walker can determine how long it will last, how much your baby will enjoy it, and how safe they will be using it.

In the following sections, we address six important aspects that make a push walker. These include the stability,, materials used in its construction, the overall comfort, its size and weight, and how compact it is. You can use these traits to determine which will be the best push walker for your baby’s skill level, their size, and where they will most use it at.


Stability of Baby Push Walker

One thing you always want to look for in a baby push walker is a product that offers great stability. Your child is already unsteady as it is, so, they need all the help they can get during this milestone in their life.

To check the stability of a kids push walker, examine the base. It should not only have a good sturdiness, but the wheels should be high-quality as well. They shouldn’t go too fast. Instead, they should offer your baby a chance to move at a safe, comfortable pace.

Another factor to consider is the center of gravity. This will differ depending on the push walker you purchase. Some have a lot of bells and whistles, while others don’t.

Regardless, weight should be distributed in the toy properly so the center of gravity is balanced. This ensures babies maintain their balance.


Materials of Baby Walker

The materials used in the push walker determine its durability, design, and safety. Since push walkers are considered toys, you can hold them up to the usual safety standards in terms of their construction. The best toddler walker is non-toxic.

To delve further, there are models made using natural materials like wood. Wood push walkers have great longevity as long as quality wood is used. There’s also minimal risk involved if your baby inevitably decides to suck or chew on it. However, wood is also heavy, so it won’t be helpful for smaller babies.

Plastic is a common material found in many push walkers. Some parents may shy away from it, but not all plastic toys are toxic. Many are safe so it won’t harm children if they chew it. Plastic may not have the ruggedness of wood, but it still has enough durability to withstand consistent use. It’s also lighter and easier for your child to move.


Comfort of Kids Push Walker

The best child walker for your baby is one they feel comfortable in. Push walkers come in many designs so consider its construction to determine the level of comfort. Some walkers feature toys your child can sit down and enjoy with ease, bringing them fun as they develop their motor skills.

If you are opting for a walker your child can sit in, check the seat material. It should be comfortable enough that they won’t mind spending time in it, and if there is a tray, check that it has useful features. The best baby walkers have cup holders so they can have drinks and snacks close at hand.


Size and Weight of Child Push Walker

The best way you can determine the proper size and weight of a push walker is by knowing your child. A quality walker has a decent amount of weight to keep from toppling over. However, babies that are younger and smaller will not do as well with a heavier walker compared to babies that have a bit more weight and strength.

As mentioned, wood is naturally heavy, so save that for babies who are bigger, more comfortable, and steady with their movements. Some plastic push walkers can have a bit of weight to them, and these are generally larger They may have more features such as toys your child can play with. Likewise with wood, keep that for kids who are bigger and stronger.

If your baby is just starting out, it’s more beneficial to give them something simple. Something that has just enough weight to keep them upright will help them gain their bearings and get a good feel of walking.


Sturdy Base of Infant Push Walker

The sturdiness of an infant push walker’s base  can spell the difference between the walker helping or hindering them. If you have noticed one thing when browsing push walkers, is the width. The legs on high-quality walkers are spacious enough to balance it all out, keeping it robust. In turn, your baby has better stability.

The best walker for infants will also have proper traction. Since push walkers rely on wheels, they should have a solid strength as well as traction to be pushed over various surfaces. Some do better on some surfaces over others – e.g. carpet instead of hardwood. Be sure to research the walker you have in mind prior to purchase.


Compactness of Baby Push Walker

How compact you need a push walker depends on where and how it will be used. For instance, if you know you need to travel, then the best walker for babies for your needs is one that can fold down enough to be carried or tucked away in the trunk of a car without difficulty. Those that frequently go on vacations or even just a trip to grandma’s house will find the most use with travel-friendly walkers.

Additionally, the best rated walkers for babies take up minimal room in your home. Your baby more than likely already has a number of toys, furniture, and odds and ends lying around. Push walkers just add to the clutter, so having one with a small footprint you can tuck away to the side or in a closet can save space and perhaps your sanity.