Best Hoverboards For Kids– Buyer’s Choice 2019 in Review

We know that unlike other toys, finding the best hoverboard for kids can be quite challenging, especially when looking to make your first purchase. If you lack enough information on the most suitable model, chances are you might purchase a board that does not tick all the boxes regarding safety and usage for your child.

It is important to note that hoverboards for kids are different than those designed for adults. As a result, features such as maximum speed, training mode, tire type, and safety enhancements are important to consider when purchasing a hoverboard for your kid. To help inform the right product to go for, we’ve provided an in depth description of the above features while also shedding light on what to look out for before making a purchase.

Best hoverboards for kids

What you should know about hoverboards for kids

Always look at the age bracket before opting to purchase a hoverboard. As mentioned, boards come in different designs. The average size for a standard model is 6.5 inches which can suit most kids regardless of age and weight. Regarding the wheels, some brands come with up to 8.5 inch tires to increase the base size while others have slightly smaller tires.

Evaluation of Hoverboards

Safety Awareness

Through constant use of a hoverboard, children understand the importance of observing safety guidelines. For instance, no matter the skill level, your child will be expected to wear both a helmet and a kneepads whenever hovering around using the device. Eventually, your child will grow increasingly conscious of the need to observe safety during play. When looking to determine which hoverboard is the safest, go through all the security features. Some boards have extra safety features such as limited speed to help reduce chances of injury. Normally, a board used by an adult has fewer safety features than a hoverboard for 8-year-olds. Before settling on a particular brand, ensure you take the time to review safety features. More importantly, educate your child on the need to observe all safety guidelines.

Motor skills

On top of being a highly engaging toy, avhoverboard develops your child`s motor skills by strengthening various muscles. With every attempt to balance on the board, your child gets a much-required full body workout. Muscle coordination, reflexes, and flexibility are some of the benefits associated with hoverboard use.In addition to entertaining your child, the board also plays a vital role in muscle development.


Despite a widespread perception that a hoverboard is a toy, it is also a hi-tech mode of transportation. Due to this, if used incorrectly, the board can lead to injury, especially due to the high speed involved and the need to balance perfectly. Through use of a hoverboard, your child will learn to use and properly take care of the device. Responsibility is a virtue that must be acquired when using toys such as a hoverboard. Over time, your child will learn to be more responsible for his or her actions.

Patience and Perseverance

Due to parental involvement and general assistance, most kids perceive every activity as easy, even activities that are not! A hoverboard will offer practical lessons on perseverance and patience. During play, any hoverboard enthusiast will fall, especially while learning to use the device. Through trial and error, your child will learn the importance of remaining persistent and refusing to give up.

Features to Look For in a good Hoverboard

When purchasing the best hoverboard, consider features other than deciding to settle on the most popular hoverboard. To help make the most informed choice, we have listed the key features you should keep in mind. Relying on the best hoverboard reviews is not enough, you need to understand the value you acquire when purchasing your preferred device.

Best hoverboards for kids


Safety is no doubt the most important factor to consider when purchasing a board for your child. The devices function through pressure pad control. Therefore, the risk of falling due to imbalance is high, especially when your kid is learning to use the toy. We advise you invest in the best quality hoverboards that come fully equipped with safety devices such as knee pads and helmets.

Also, go for boards that are UL 2272 certified. Safe hoverboards for kids are those that meet the above-mentioned certification which eliminates the risk of fire due to faulty batteries.

Training Mode

For children-related purchases, we advise going for boards with a training mode. Unfortunately, most popular hoverboards lack a training mode and can make it hard for your child to learn quickly. By selecting a device with training features, you will significantly reduce chances of injury. A training mode helps reassure your child’s safety.

Maximum speed

As expected, chances of injury increase significantly for kids on high speed hoverboards. The recommended speed for kid`s hoverboards is 8-10 mph. We advise taking your time when investigating board speeds. Remember, speeds over 10 mph are not advisable for kid`s boards as they significantly reduce maneuverability.

Tire Type

You can purchase a plastic or rubber hoverboard. Plastic tires are often solid and appropriate for use on hard surfaces. Rubber tires, have inner tubes and are appropriate for soft, indoor surfaces. It is important to note that rubber tired Segway boards for kids last longer than their plastic counterparts.Consider location before choosing between rubber or plastic tires.

Battery Life

To fulfill its purpose, a hoverboard should have long lasting battery life. The most appropriate hoverboard Segway for kids is one that can accommodate 3-5 hours of play. As a result, we advise selecting boards that can retain a charge. Eventually, the age of a hoverboard will determine its ability to retain charge. The longer the battery life, the more the enjoyment.

Top 10 Product Review

Since you are now informed on the key features to be on the lookout for, we can now proceed to analyzing the top 10 hoverboards in the market. Asusual, every product comes with its own unique features. To help you find the perfect board for your kid, we have compiled a list of the 10 best products in the market.

Review of TOP 10 Best Hoverboard for Kids
Safety Training Mode Maximum Speed Tire Type Battery Life
Razor E100 Electric Scooter High No 10 MPH Plastic/Rubber 40 Minutes
Swagtron Swagboard Pro High Yes 8 MPH Rubber 7-12 Miles
Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Minimal No 10 MPH Rubber 7-7.5 Miles
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 High Yes 8 MPH Rubber 60 Minutes
GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO High Yes 7.4 MPH Rubber 12 Miles
TOMOLOO Hoverboard Bluetooth LED Medium Yes 7.5 MPH Rubber 12 Miles
SEGWAY miniPRO High Yes 10 MPH Rubber 12.5 Miles
EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Medium No 10 MPH Rubber 10 Miles
Wheels Original Electric Smart Self Minimal No 7 MPH Rubber 10-15 Miles
GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED High No 6.2 MPH Rubber 5-9 Miles

What’s the best hoverboard for kids?

With the popularity of motorized two-wheeled boards growing, parents can find themselves scrambling to find what might be considered the best hoverboard for kids.

What features will help your child learn to ride one of these devices properly? Are some products better suited to particular age groups or body sizes? These reviews will help you answer these questions.

It can be hard to filter through everything out there, so finding the right information will increase your kids’ safety and enjoyment.

1. Razor E100 Electric Scooter – best hoverboard scooter

With its handlebars, the Razor E100 can be used by riders as young as eight-years-old.

Razor produced their first kick-style scooter in 2000.

Parents looking for a first motorized board will appreciate the ease of balance with its design. Your Pre-teen will enjoy the chance to drive a motor-driven device.

hoverboard for 8 year oldKey Features

  • Safety features include encased battery, handlebar, limited speed, and enclosed battery.
  • There is no training mode on this scooter.
  • Its maximum speed is 10-MPH.
  • The front tire is pneumatic and the back is urethane.
  • A full charge provides 40-minutes of riding time.


  • Handlebar for balance/control
  • Easy kickstart
  • Limited speed


  • Long charging time
  • Motor cover makes contact with ground
  • Rear tire is small

Verdict: An option for younger riders wanting an amazing scooters hoverboard ride.

2. Swagtron Swagboard Pro – highly recommend self balance scooter for kids

This product is built to provide an enjoyable ride on smooth terrain.

Swagtron specializes in eco-friendly motorized products of various designs.

Parents will enjoy the 220-pound weight limit, allowing their purchase to last longer. Riders new to these devices will appreciate the self-balancing features that improve their enjoyment while mastering proper riding techniques.

quality hoverboard brandsKey Features

  • Safety improvements include UL 2272 certification, SentryShield battery protection, and non-slip foot-padding.
  • This product has a training mode.
  • Maximum speed of 8-MPH.
  • Uses hard rubber tires.
  • Can travel 7 to 12 miles per battery charge.


  • 250-watt motor
  • Safe Stop technology
  • Durable body of ABS


  • May need a bumper guard
  • Flat surfaces only
  • Warranty is limited

Verdict: This is a better selection for riders needing help maintaining their balance while riding.

3. Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing – good kids segway board with bluetooth speaker

This two-wheeler is designed for looks as well as movement.

HoverHeart is an online retailer based out of California.

This ride is marketed for those looking for flare and Techno-geeks will like the Bluetooth speaker. It will be ideal for younger teens who love music.

best brand for hoverboardKey Features

  • This product has UL 2272 certification and fire-resistant plastics.
  • No training mode featured on this design.
  • It can reach max speeds of 10-MPH.
  • Aluminum wheels are surrounded by a rubber tire coating.
  • Its battery life provides a range of 7 to 7.5 miles.


  • Charges in approximately 2.5 hours
  • Bluetooth speaker included
  • LED lighting on wheels and body


  • Coating is easily scratched
  • No moisture resistance
  • Less-powerful motor

Verdict: An option for those wanting to ride in style.

4. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – heavy and well made Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

Made for a balanced and extended riding session.

Razor has been a worldwide leader in the electric mobility market for nearly two decades.

Riders will appreciate the manufacturer focusing on safety and control. Parents can feel confident with added safety features.

all hoverboardsKey Features

  • Provides UL 2272 certified, lower speeds, and self-balancing safety designs.
  • A training mode is available.
  • Maximum speeds can reach 8-MPH
  • It uses rubber tires.
  • One battery charge provides 60-minutes of riding.


  • It employs a steel frame
  • This motor runs silently
  • Includes battery power indicator


  • This board is a bit heavy
  • No water certifications for design
  • Somewhat higher price point

Verdict: Built to offer assistance to users struggling with balance issues while offering a solid design and profile that will last.

5. GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO – best self balancing hoverboard

This model was created to offer newer users a product they can comfortably learn on.

GoTrax is a newer arrival on the scene that offers their products through online retail shops. They launched their Hoverfly series of products in 2017.

Those new to motorized boards will be pleased with the slower speeds and training mode offered here. Parents will appreciate the added safety features found on this product.

top selling hoverboardsKey Features

  • Safety includes UL 2272, auto shut-off, and non-skid footing.
  • Training mode is present.
  • Only 7.4-MPH maximum speed.
  • Uses rubber tires.
  • Users can travel up to 12-miles on a single charge.


  • Additional gyroscopic elements
  • Auto-shut off
  • Charges within 1.5 hours


  • Slower top-speed
  • Surfaces may highlight scratches
  • No extra features

Verdict: A basic design acceptable as a first board.

6. TOMOLOO Hoverboard Bluetooth LED – best self balancing hoverboard

Designed to offer you a chance to ride on less than perfect terrain.

Founded in 2013, Tomoloo was one of the first companies with products that passed US UL2272 certification.

Its target audience is those who drive in areas with slight changes in elevation and smoothness. A waterproof plug also caters to off-pavement riding.

top 5 hoverboard brandsKey Features

  • Safety elements feature UL2272 certification and explosion-proof tires.
  • training mode is present on this model.
  • Your max speeds available are 7.5-MPH.
  • Makes use of rubber tires.
  • Its battery life offers a range up to 12-miles.


  • Can climb 10-percent inclines
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Mechanical self-balance components


  • Somewhat heavier design
  • Can take longer to charge
  • A bit more expensive compared to some

Verdict: An option for users needing to travel along uneven ground.

7. SEGWAY miniPRO – best mini hoverboard

This product features elements familiar to riders of the first generation of two-wheeled equipment.

The original Segway HT was developed at the University of Plymouth and became available in 2001.

It has been intended more for the adult market as a device eco-friendly users could use as a form of urban transportation.

money hoverboardKey Features

  • Safety elements include mandatory training speed, UL2272 certification, and knee bar.
  • training mode is available on this.
  • Can drive up to 10-MPH.
  • Makes use of 10.5-inch Pneumatic tires.
  • You can travel up to 12.5-miles on one charge.


  • Knee bar control
  • Phone app adjustments
  • Anti-theft alarm and lock


  • This product is heavy when compared to others
  • It is very expensive
  • The charge time is long

Verdict: An green-friendly form of mobility for young adults in town.

8. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter – best hoverboard for 10 year old

This product was designed for off-pavement use.

Epikgo focuses on providing equipment that can handle all sorts of terrain types.

This equipment is a dream for pre-teens that are 10 or older. It has been crafted to allow them the challenge of riding on more difficult conditions not found on asphalt.

youth hoverboardsKey Features

  • Safety improvements are made with a larger board surface and UL2272 Certification.
  • There is no training mode on the Classic.
  • It has a max speed of 10-MPH.
  • Its rubber tires are all-terrain.
  • The range on one charge is 10-miles.


  • Heavy duty tires
  • Can climb 15-percent grades
  • More foot room


  • No training mode
  • Rides rougher on smooth pavement
  • Wheel guards are small

Verdict: A good choice for rough riding conditions found off-pavement.

9. Wheels Original Electric Smart Self – good quality hoverboard

The Original series is intended to provide a reasonably priced device into the market.

Cho Sports began wholesale distribution in larger retail chains beginning in 2014, expanding to online sales in 2019.

An urban commuter looking for eco-friendly transportation might be interested in this product, as well as those looking for a more budget-friendly electric-powered board.

best reviews on hoverboardsKey Features

  • Safety features consist of UL 2272 certification.
  • There isn’t a training mode.
  • Top speed is 7-MPH.
  • Uses rubber tires.
  • Range is between 10 and 15-miles per charge.


  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Bright LED headlights
  • Decent tire tread


  • Shell can crack easier
  • Lower clearance
  • Foot pads are small

Verdict: A cheaper alternative compared to other models, this straight-forward build is an option for riders who have some experience operating these.

10. GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED – best hoverboard for 8 year old

This basic design is intended as an entry level motorized product.

GoTrax is based in Denver, Colorado. Their mission statement includes providing ample customer support online or over the phone.

Children as young as eight will find this board accessible due to its lower speeds and balance assistance, something that parents appreciate.

most popular hoverboard brandsKey Features

  • Safety elements include low-speeds, UL 2272 rating, and front/back lights.
  • It doesn’t offer a training mode.
  • Your max speed will be 7-MPH.
  • This drives on hard rubber tires.
  • Its battery gives users a range of 5 to 9-miles.


  • Self-balancing technology
  • LED lights on rims
  • Many color options


  • Slow top speeds
  • Lower weight limit
  • Longer charging times

Verdict: A good choice for a young child wanting an entry-level motorized board.

Common Customer Questions

Before buying a hover-board for your child, you might find yourself asking the same questions that most parents ask. In our research, we’ve found two questions that are frequently asked, and the answers are revealed below.

Safety is the main concern, with age and weight being important considerations when shopping for one of these devices. These answers will help you to better match product designs and specifications to your child so they can enjoy themselves.

1. What age is hoverboard for?
all hoverboards
Waiting for the right age to purchase your child’s first motorized board not only increases safety, but it will also increase their enjoyment overall. If you buy one too early you will increase the chance they will get hurt or lose interest in the purchase.Ideally, most children are ready to begin their riding experience at age 12. By then, they have developed balance and coordination. You’ll want to check locally as some cities have passed age-restricted laws that will determine the minimum age that an operator can be.

2. How much do you need to weigh to ride a hoverboard?

quality hoverboard brands

All motorized boards will list a maximum weight it can handle while operating a peak efficiency. If your kid is under this limit, it allows them to ride it longer as they grow. Once they exceed that maximum, however, the device will be affected in certain ways:

  • Battery Life – Loads that exceed the listed maximum will drain the battery faster.
  • Maneuverability – Their board will begin to respond differently, providing less control.
  • Speed – The maximum speed will decrease as weights increase past the listed maximum.

What’s the best hoverboard?

Of the products reviewed above, we feel that the Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing is the best hoverboard for kids. It provides decent safety features and an average charge time. Its LED lighting and Bluetooth speaker should appeal to your child with its “cool” factor.

It should keep them busy for a while before they outgrow it. If this won’t meet your needs, perhaps one of the other designs can:

  • Razor E100 Electric Scooter – ideal for kids wanting a scooter-style ride.
  • Swagtron Swagboard Pro – An option for people needing help with balance.
  • Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – Recommended for balance and durability.
  • GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO – Might be suggested as a kids’ first board.
  • TOMOLOO Hoverboard Bluetooth LED – Recommended for less than ideal road conditions.
  • SEGWAY miniPRO – Suggested as a green-energy form of work transportation.
  • EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter – Great for pre-teens wanting to “hot-dog” it in rough terrain.
  • Wheels Original Electric Smart Self – A good selection for standard equipment.