Top 10 Best Kids Wagon – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Does your little one, like many kids, enjoy the freedom of being pulled in a wagon? It can be an adventurous time for a child as they can now explore the world in a comfortable ride. Finding the best kids wagon, however, may not be as enjoyable due to dozens on the market all fighting for your attention.

With that in mind, the following guide intends to help you discover more about wagons so you can select the right one for your family. You will learn how to choose a wagon that you and your kids will both love.

We discuss features such as various wagon styles, what they’re made of, and more. By the end, you will have a clear idea how to find the best kids wagon that will make your little one happy.

How to Choose the Right Wagon for Your Kids

A children’s wagon is a classic four-wheel ride that allows kids to see the world whether they’re in an amusement park or strolling through the neighborhood. Choosing the best kids wagon usually takes time as you want to ensure you have a wagon they will not just enjoy, but also stay safe in. To help find the best wagon for kids, we’ve broken down some important features.

What to Know Before You Buy a Wagon for Your Kids

Different Wagons for Your Kids

When shopping for the best wagon for your kids, there are six different types you should consider:

Radio Flyer Full Size


If you’re looking for that classic wagon feel, consider this model from Radio Flyer. It’s all-steel with wooden sides, and is designed for all-terrain so you have a smooth ride regardless of where you take it.




  • Recommended for ages 1 ½ and older
  • Wagon weighs 36.6lbs (16.60kg)
  • Can handle a total weight capacity of 200lbs (90.72kg)
  • Solid, all-steel construction with wood sides
  • All-terrain design
  • Extra long fold-under handle for easy storage
  • Easy handling with controlled turn radius
  • 10″ rugged air tires


  • Easy to control
  • Durable construction
  • Large handle


  • Lacks seatbelts

Step2 Step 2 Wagon for Two Plus


This wagon is perfect for two toddlers or preschoolers to enjoy. The door opens easily and the unit features seat belts and it even has additional storage underneath if needed.






  • Weighs a total of 24lbs (10.89kg)
  • Can carry a maximum of 75lbs (33.75kg)
  • Two seat belts, one for each rider
  • Contoured seats and deep leg wells for comfort
  • Easy-latch door
  • Storage compartment under the rear seat
  • Foldable long handle
  • Recommended for children aged 18+ months


  • Lightweight design
  • Door has a sturdy latch
  • Sets up quickly


  • Tires can be noisy

Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella


Let your little ones lounge about in the Little Tikes Deluxe Ride. It has everything needed on a hot day, from an attached cooler to an umbrella, and it can convert from a wagon to a bench, making it an ideal folding beach wagon.





  • Weighs 36.5lbs (16.56kg)
  • Capable of holding a maximum weight of 250lbs (113.4kg)
  • Convertible design from a wagon to a bench
  • Attached umbrella for shade
  • Removable sides to carry supplies
  • Drink holders and a cooler
  • Recommended age is 18+ months
  • Handles fold for simple storage


  • Easily converts
  • Comes with umbrella
  • Quiet-operating wheels


  • Poor turning radius

Step2 Canopy Wagon


If you want a folding wagon for kids and family trips, the Step2 Canopy wagon is an all-purpose product. It has storage, a cup holder, a removable canopy, and more.





  • Weighs  29.5lbs (13.38kg)
  • Can reach a maximum weight limit of 75lbs (34.02kg)
  • For safety, it has two seatbelts
  • Canopy can be removed
  • Features cup holders on wagon and canopy
  • Extra storage compartment under the rear seat
  • Long folding handle
  • Recommended for ages 18+ months


  • Ability to detach canopy
  • Good amount of storage
  • Nice cup holders


  • Complicated assembly

Step2 Choo Choo Kids Wagon

A different take on a wagon, the Step2 Choo Choo Kids Wagon features a train-like design that seats kids in two different compartments. It’s simple, easy to setup, and easy to store away.


  • Wagon weighs 25.2lbs (11.43kg)
  • Each wagon can hold a maximum weight of 50lbs (22.68kg)
  • Recommended age is 18+ months
  • Can accommodate up to 3 additional Choo Choo trailers
  • Long handle for easy pulling
  • Separate trailer for each child
  • Each wagon has cup holders
  • Roomy foot wells


  • Capable of attaching more trailers
  • Easy to store
  • Under seat storage


  • Tires seem low quality

Hauck Eco Wagon

The Hauck Eco Wagon is a multipurpose kids wagon with a stylish design. It’s easy to wash the fabric, and has quality features such as a canopy and cushioned seats.






  • Weighs in at 41.2lbs (18.69kg)
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 120lbs (54.43kg)
  • Hand-washable fabric
  • Steel tube frame folds for storage and transportation
  • Removable weather canopy
  • Cushioned seat for kids
  • Durable wheels for a smooth ride
  • Recommended for ages 18+ months


  • Versatile uses
  • Wheels can handle various terrain
  • Folds up with no difficulties


  • Lacks any cup holders


Materials of Kids Wagon

Wagons are made from a number of materials. The best wagon for kids features the use of high-quality material that withstands heavy use so you can have the wagon for years to come.

The three main materials used to construct a wagon for kids are: metal, plastic, and wood. Metal wagons are the most durable and are timeless as well. You probably recognize the classic red wagon that’s been around for years. Metal is the way to go if you want something to hold up against an unruly child.

At the same time, metal can fall victim to rust. They don’t work well if exposed to elements like rain. On the contrary, plastic wagons can be used in various weather conditions. They’re also lighter than metal  making them easier to pull.





Plastic is also used in some fun designs such as making wagons with cup holders, canopies, and other cool wagons for kids. However, they sacrifice durability compared to metal wagons.


When it comes to wood, they also have a classic look like metal. They feature greater durability over plastic but the downside is that wood naturally warps if rain hits it, so you should be careful.


Weight Limit of Wagon for Kids

Before you decide on a wagon, please check the weight limit. Not all wagons for kids are capable of performing the same tasks such as transporting the same amount of children or weight.

Think about how many kids you’re planning on pulling at a time to help narrow down your search. For instance, if you’re looking for a wagon for two kids, the Step2 Wagon for Two can be a smart choice. The two-seater features seatbelts, a deep leg well, and has a maximum weight limit of 75lbs (33.75kg).

Perhaps you’re in need of something even bigger? Then you can consider a wagon for three or four kids such as the EasyGo Wagon Folding Collapsible Utility. It’s capable of pulling a max weight of 150lbs (68.03kg), which can fit four toddlers or three preschoolers with ease.

Whether you want a large or small kids’ wagon, don’t skimp on the weight limit. By doing so, you risk damaging the wagon and may even cause harm to your child.


Safety Features

There’s no denying that kids tend to be rather destructive, but when it comes to a wagon, it’s not something you want them doing. A flaw or weak point in a kids’ wagons can lead to your child getting hurt. So, it’s vital there are proper safety features implemented.

Thankfully, many wagons for kids to ride come with optimal safety features. These not only hold up to your child’s rough play, but will also protect them. Here are some common safety features to look out for:

  • Some wagons are designed with high sides to ensure kids remain safely inside.
  • Seatbelts are an important feature that more wagons are adopting. It’s easy for excitement to build, but you don’t want the kids in a wagon to squirm and jump about while you’re transporting them.
  • Quality construction is key to a long-lasting wagon. A portable kids’ wagon in particular needs a sturdy construction to withstand being taken down and moving from place to place.
  • Good tires are another safety element. Considering you’ll be moving on various terrain, check the wagon you have in mind can handle the specific terrain so you have an easier ride
  • Doors are another popular safety feature. A door allows kids in the wagon to easily get in and out without climbing.

If you’re interested, take a look at the Consumer Product and Safety website to keep a watch on kids’ wagons that have safety violations.