How to choose the best long range baby monitor: Buyers guide

New parents often want to find the best long range baby monitor they can afford, but they might also be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of selections available for them on today’s market.

We understand your frustration.

We’ve written this article with the intent of addressing those concerns. It has been formatted to provide readers with clear information in an organized fashion.

As you can see in our table, we have listed the best products on the market. Each is broken down into more detail below, examining the qualities that make it worthy of purchasing. We’ve also touched on things you may wish to consider that do not meet specific criteria.

During our research, we noticed two questions that parents continuously asked about these products. Answers are provided for these questions as well.

What is a good baby monitor

So, what exactly do you look for? Is there a quality cheap baby monitor available? These might be a couple of your concerns when considering baby monitor ratings.

Body designs, materials used in its construction, and mobility are some of characteristics to contemplate before placing a product in your shopping cart. Electronic items need to provide features that match up with specific environments or needs. We will cover some features that can help determine if a particular product will work in your home, including the following elements and design factors:

  • Ease of use
  • Signal range
  • Audio or video functions
  • Safety designs
  • Frequencies used
  • Analog or digital designs
  • Alarm components
  • The size of your home
  • Battery powered
  • Other aspects to look for

Important product features


A long distance baby monitor won’t do you much good if it isn’t easy to use. Any selection you make should include an interface you can navigate easily. Item location is also crucial.

Ease of installation will keep you from getting frustrated. Packages should ideally include all hardware needed for setup in various locations.

Simple interfaces allow parents to operate the equipment properly. Product designs need to offer easy to use controls.

Operating manuals are important for any electronic device. You can’t get the most out of your system unless manufacturers provide clear and concise instructions.


Most digital baby monitor reviews include the device’s signal range – usually listed for open areas. Flooring, walls, and other obstructions  can shorten their range. Quality units have a minimum range of 900-yards (2700’), with a baby monitor a 1000 ft range is considered preferable by those with larger homes.

Video or Audio

When determining which baby monitor you’ll buy, consider the audio and video features.

Audio devices are often cheaper due to their lack of camera components. This design will still provide consistent monitoring in real time and be less complex for some users.

Video products are usually more expensive but provide parents with the ability to visually monitor their infants while in another location. Almost all today’s video hardware includes speakers that can provide audio as well. They are usually considered the most desirable between the two.


Your best long distance baby monitor equipment needs to be placed outside the crib. Electrical cords need to be kept three or more feet away. All video components should have longer leads for positioning cameras at the best angles to see your infant and their surroundings.


These electronic devices broadcast signals at specific frequencies, measured in Mega-Hertz (MHz). Other electronics that broadcast at the same frequency can interfere with the signal. Those with multiple infants will be happy to know the best dual baby monitor designs provide observation without generating frequency interference.

Digital Or Analog

Another consideration is to go with an analog or digital design. Older devices might be analog, which is more susceptible to interference and digital designs provide greater protection against signal interference. This is especially true with most modern high resolution baby monitor products on the market.


It can be difficult to determine if your long range baby monitor is reaching its signal limits between the transponder and receiver. Therefore, alarms are often included to alert you when these devices go out of signal range from each other. Without alarms, two people are needed for installation.

Size Of Your Home

Apartments, mobile homes, and small houses may not require longer reaching signals. The best baby monitor for a large house provides parents with the required signal strength in bigger homes with extra flooring or walls that might shorten the range. This is also handy for those who work outside.

Batery Life

Many products run off of batteries. This is an advantage as these devices do not require a location near outlets. Longer battery life means you’ll be spending less time recharging your long range video monitor. Longer lasting batteries also allow units to operate at peak performance for longer periods between charges.

Additional features

Your best baby monitor for larger houses include features that enhance or add to the audio or visual components. This can include lighting for visual enhancements and infant comfort. Also, your best long range baby monitor can monitor room temperature and even provide observers with night vision!