Reviews of TOP 10 Best Kids Trampoline in 2019

Finding the best kids’ trampoline for your child can be a struggle. Between stores and the online market, there seems to be dozens of trampolines for children vying for your attention. Understanding which is best isn’t always easy to identify since many manufacturers boast various features.

Our buying guide and reviews are here to help with your search for your trampoline. The details we present will help narrow your search options. Along with that, you’ll get our recommendations about the top trampolines for kids.

In our guide, you’ll learn what qualities make the best kids’ trampoline. We’ll address aspects such as proper safety features, what’s age and weight-appropriate, the health benefits, and more. Once we’re finished, you’ll have a clear understanding as to which trampoline is best for your family.

All You Need to Know When Choosing the Best Trampoline for Kids

So, you’re in the market to buy your child a trampoline to get them up and moving while having fun. Since there are dozens you can buy in various shapes and sizes, the following guide will help you discover the best trampoline to buy your child for countless of hours of fun.

If you don’t know where to buy the best trampoline, consider online. This is useful in learning more about specific trampolines from other parents to better help decide which is more beneficial for your child.

For those who are unsure, the information below provides a host of details about trampolines for kids. From space to set aside, to the safety features that a high-quality trampoline should have. You’ll learn enough to make an informed decision about which to buy.

Available Space for Play

Take a moment before you buy a trampoline to examine your home. Where will you use it? For something outside, size depends on your yard space. You can go for a bigger trampoline that allows multiple users at a time, but you should have enough room so kids can get in and out easily.

For indoors, consider a mini trampoline. Small trampolines for kids are beneficial in the home as they leave a minimum footprint. Consider the room you want  and think about the space after you place it. Your child should have room to get on and have room to play with other toys around it.

Trampoline Shape

Trampolines are designed in a variety of shapes based on intended use. Advanced users and those who jump in competitions opt for rectangular trampolines as these offer jumpers a much higher rebound. They’re also the type you find inside trampoline parks. As such, putting a child on a rectangular trampoline, especially a young child, isn’t ideal.

Most trampolines made for kids are circular or square. Circular trampolines have a far less powerful bounce compared to rectangular models. As for squares, they’re seen as a middle ground between circular and rectangular trampolines. They have more bounce than circular,  but less rebound than a rectangular one.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Always account for the maximum weight capacity manufacturers list on their trampolines. They list this because not all trampolines are constructed to support the same weight. Some are capable of holding no more than 50lbs, while others can easily contain more than 200lbs.

Excellent trampolines for toddlers can accommodate their average weight, so when you browse kids’ trampolines, you’ll see them cap out at around 55lbs or so. If you have more than one child planning on using the trampoline, purchase one that has a maximum capacity higher than all the kids’ combined weight.

Safety Features

We all know there are risks involved with trampolines. To reduce injuries, high-quality trampolines have safety features. Many larger trampolines for kids intended for more than one jumper, feature a net. This net helps reduce the chance of children flying off the trampoline.

Another prime safety is a spring cover. This can be made of different materials, but commonly you’ll see a foam-like material on a child trampoline. This cushioning material keeps your child from hurting themselves if they hit the springs.

There are also toddler trampolines with bars to hold onto for stability. Some have a single bar while other enclosed trampolines with a net feature a bar all the way around.

Recommended Age

When choosing the best child trampoline, you want something that is age-appropriate just as you would any other toy. Manufacturers list recommended ages in addition to weight along with their products.

It’s important to stay within the age range as it’s dependent on safety features (e.g. handle bars), the weight it can support, and the space your child has available to jump on. Since baby and toddler trampolines are so small, they’re usually recommended for ages 1-3. The best trampolines for 6 year olds and up are larger to accommodate their weight and continued growth.

Sturdiness and Durability

Proper durability is important for anything you buy your child. A kids’ trampoline should withstand frequent use. The legs should offer stability and provide enough support so the frame won’t twist. A trampoline using materials such as galvanized steel in the frame can reduce the chance of corrosion.

Indoor trampolines can also feature traits such as reinforced joints that add sturdiness. The fabric used for children trampolines have water-resistance to hold up to typical child use and abuse. This feature also protects outdoor trampolines from rain. Consider investing in a cover for your outdoor trampoline. A cover protects trampolines from the weather and UV rays.

Ease of Assembly

Having something with a relatively quick assembly process allows you to spend less time assembling and gives your eager child a chance to start jumping sooner. However, assembly time varies according to different trampoline models.

Larger models tend to take a considerable amount of time due to their size and pieces. If it’s not within your skill level, getting outside help can quicken the process. The best indoor trampoline for kids shouldn’t be difficult to setup since they’re smaller. Check out reviews from other parents to learn more about the assembly for the trampoline you have in mind.

Health and Activity Benefits

If you’re hesitant about trampolines due to the risks involved in spite of the information from our trampoline review guide, consider the benefits. A trampoline gets your child moving and off the couch. It’s also a way to exercise inside the house if you have a mini trampoline.

The benefits of trampoline use is even seen in children with special needs such as Autism, and these benefits can translate to any child. It can aid in the development of motor skills through improving a child’s coordination. In addition, it teaches muscle control, which is something young toddlers and even babies who are in the walking stages can benefit from.

Top 9 Best Kids Trampoline – Reviews

Our guide offers an understanding about the benefits and aspects that make for high-quality kid trampolines. To give you some options, check out our reviews and recommendations of 9 best trampolines for kids.

What better way to keep little ones busy this winter than to get them a trampoline this holiday season? If they are already starting to bounce off the walls, give them something to bounce on instead! Here is our guide of the 9 best kid trampolines!

  1. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline– best small trampoline for kids

Little Tikes is one of the most trusted companies around when it comes to toys for toddlers. Their starter trampoline is no exception. It is a great trampoline for toddlers, with a weight limit on the lower side at 55 lbs.

best affordable trampoline


  • Wide safety bars makes the trampoline more secure
  • This trampoline is relatively light, which makes it easy to move around


  • The low weight limit makes it a better choice for younger toddlers but also means it has a limited play life time as children grow
  • The foam on the handle bar can be a safety hazard if the children bite on it, which is a common occurrence for younger toddlers
  • The trampoline can only be used indoors

Little Tikes 3 foot trampoline is a good small trampoline for toddlers but can only be used for a relatively short period of time due to the lower weight limit compared to some of its competitors.

2. Skywalker Trampolines 60 good kid indoor trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines specializes in making safe trampolines for kids. Their 60 inche version is designed for younger kids. Its smaller footprint than other enclosed trampolines makes it great choice for indoor play, in a play room or in the living room.

trampoline guide


  • It is a safe trampoline thanks to its patented no-gap enclosure net
  • Its screen-printed ocean themed jump mat encourages imaginative play on top of physical activity
  • The lower enclosure net prevents objects or other children from getting under the trampoline while someone is jumping to avoid injuries


  • Some users report the padding on the 360-degree padded handle bar to be insufficient
  • Because the trampoline uses springless stretch bands instead of springs for additional safety, it is not quite as bouncy as other spring designs

Overall, the Skywalker Trampoline is a good and safe kid trampoline for parents who prefer a net-enclosure with a smaller footprint.

3. Go TrampolineBest indoor trampoline for toddlers

The Original Toy Company Fold and Go trampoline will certainly attract a lot of parents who only have a small amount of space or no dedicated play space for children.

indoor mini trampoline child


  • It is foldable for easy storage or traveling
  • The trampoline is easy to assemble out of the box
  • Its higher weight limit makes it a great choice not only for young toddlers, but also for older children with special needs who might need added stimulation


  • The rubber foam on the handle bar can be a choking hazard for small children if bitten off
  • If a child pushes on the handle bar too hard, some users have reported that the trampoline can get unstable

Overall, this Fold and Go trampoline is a good choice for parents and caregivers who are looking for a trampoline with bar for toddlers that will be used occasionally or do not want it to be a permanent feature due to a lack of space.

4. Skywalker 8-Feet Round TrampolineBest trampoline for older toddlers

The Skywalker 8-foot round trampoline with safety enclosure comes with the same patented no-gap enclosure net than our product #2. Skywalker trampoline reviews are usually glowing, and this product is no exception. It is geared towards younger kids with an age limit starting at 6 years and up and a weight limit of 175 lbs.

indoor trampoline for kids


  • Larger size trampoline with a higher weight limit which allows more than one child to jump at the time
  • This trampoline can be used outside


  • This product stands higher than most trampolines for kids and you would need high vaulted ceilings to use it inside
  • Some users have reported difficulties installing it

The Skywalker 8-foot round trampoline is a great choice if the children are older, with this trampoline still being small enough to be used in smaller spaces like a garage or a small backyard.

5. Sportspower My First Trampoline – Good toddler trampoline

Sportspower offers a low to the ground, sturdy net-enclosed trampoline that is ideal for young toddlers. It offers unrestricted visibility to give parents peace of mind while their children are using it and has a generous weight limit up to 220 lbs.

best 15 trampoline


  • This trampoline presents the advantage of being foldable and transportable, so it can be removed easily when not in use
  • It can be used inside and outside thanks to the UV treated netting and jump mat and a rust-resistant galvanized steel frame
  • It can be assembled and disassembled easily for storage


  • The quality of the product seems to vary according to several users
  • Smaller children can slide between the net and the trampoline frame

Overall, the Sportspower My First Trampoline is a great contender for a fold-up toddler trampoline as long as it is used under strict adult supervision.

6. Bazoongi 48best cheap trampoline

The Bazoongi 48″ Bouncer trampoline comes with an adjustable handle bar for an extensive life time. It can be removed once the child is older if needed.

little kid indoor trampoline


  • The rust-resistant, galvanized steel frame allows for the trampoline to be used both indoors and outdoors
  • It has six legs, opposed to the usual four, for additional stability when jumping
  • It is more affordable than most of its competitors


  • Some users report some quality issues, with the metal frame cracking under intensive use
  • The springs can be an issue with some younger children sliding down and getting hurt

Bazoongi might not make the best quality trampoline, but they are a good affordable option for younger children or who only need a trampoline for periodic use, like a grandparent interested in entertaining children for some short visits.

7. Galt Folding TrampolineChild’s trampoline with handle

The Galt folding trampoline is one of the few children trampolines on the market that can fold flat for convenient storage when not in use. Its easy grip handle can unscrew completely and the feet fold under the mat to get that sometimes cumbersome toy out of the way in a matter of minutes.

best place to get a trampoline


  • The trampoline has a thick weatherproof mat and a tubular steel frame with a durable coated finish that allows for it to be used both inside and outside.
  • It has a padded cover that surrounds the trampoline mat for added security, preventing the user from being caught up in the bungee cords


  • Its folding structure makes it more fragile than some of its competitors
  • The jumping surface is smaller, and the weight limit is lower than most of its competitors, making it more suitable to a smaller children and reducing the lifetime play expectancy
  • The bungee cords are not as solid as spring alternatives

Overall, the Galt folding trampoline is a good indoor trampoline if you are in need of something easy to put away when not in use but might not be as durable if your child intends to play with it for a long period of time.

8. Little Tikes 7good small outdoor trampoline for kids

The Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline is a high-quality child trampoline with a protective safety net. It is designed to be used outdoors only.

best 14ft trampoline


  • Unlike most other trampolines for children, the frame of the Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline is made of blow molded plastic which is resistant to rust and other issues harsh weather could cause
  • Because this trampoline is on the larger side, it is suitable both for toddlers and older children, making it a good investment for a long lifetime of play


  • Per manufacturer recommendations, the Little Tikes 7′ trampoline should only be used outside
  • Some users have reported issues installing the safety net in a secure manner
  • The padding and safety material on the poles and springs can dry rot after a relatively short period of time, which is an issue since the product is not meant to be used inside

The Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline is not an indoor trampoline for toddlers but could be used in a satisfactory manner in a sheltered space like a porch.

9. Skywalker Trampolines Jump NBest mini trampoline for kids

The Skywalker Trampolines Jump N’Count has a jump mat screen-printed with numbers to encourage children to play educational games all while burning off some energy!

trampoline guide


  • This trampoline has a dual zipper and latch clip closure system on the enclosure net to ensure  children stay safely inside while jumping
  • It is made for durable use, both indoor and outdoor with features such as rust-resistant galvanized steel T-sockets on each leg, UV-resistant spring pad and jumping mat and rust-resistant springs
  • It includes the patented Skywalker no-gap enclosure system attaching the enclosure net directly to the jumping surface


  • Some users have reported the mesh of the jumping mat can stretch under intensive us
  • The Skywalker trampoline Jump N’Count is taller and larger than other trampolines in the same category, making it cumbersome to use indoor if space is limited

The Skywalker trampoline Jump N’Count is one of the safest trampolines for kids on the market and an excellent choice if you have the necessary space.

Q/A: Trampolines and safety

Trampolines are one of young children’s favorite toys. They are an excellent way to encourage physical exercise in a playful manner. When outdoor play is not possible, due to weather or the child does not have easy access to an outdoor space (if they live in an apartment for example), a trampoline can be a valuable asset.

However, due to the worrying number of accidents, parents must be cautious when it comes to choosing the right trampoline for their child and encourage the right attitude when it comes to using one.

1. Are trampolines safe for kids?

According to the Mayo Clinic, trampoline injuries can range from a simple scrape to broken bones, or even spines and neck injuries. Trampolines are not a toy that should be taken likely. Children under the age of 6 are particularly at risk. Most injuries occur due to unsafe behavior and maladapted equipment. Here are some rules to follow when a child uses a trampoline:

  • A trampoline must always be used under adult supervision
  • Trampolines for kids must always have a handle bar or a safety net enclosure. If your child cannot always be relied on to use the handle bar, prefer a trampoline with a safety net
  • The trampoline must always be low to the ground to avoid risks of fall. If possible, you can anchor the trampoline in the ground for added safety outside
  • Only one child should be jumping on a trampoline at the time
  • Absolutely NO stunts, somersaults and other risky moves since they are the reason most injuries occur

2. How old must a child be to use a trampoline?

Trampolines contain small parts that should not be used for children under the age of 3. Most trampolines are not approved for children younger than 3-years-old, and they should never be on a trampoline while an older child or an adult is jumping due to the risk of injury.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to young children and trampolines is the child must never be allowed to crawl under a trampoline in case someone starts jumping without noticing.

Larger trampolines should not be used by children under the age of 6.

Conclusion: What is the best kids trampoline to buy?

If you have the space available for a larger trampoline, the best kids trampoline is the Skywalker Trampolines Jump N’ Count as it is safe and versatile, being usable indoors and outdoors, and enjoyable for younger and older children due to the higher weight limit.

If space is a concern, another good buy would be the Skywalker Trampoline 60″. This smaller version might not be as bouncy, but it is a great option for younger children. The added safety net at the bottom of the trampoline is an excellent safety feature, in particular if you have more than one child or if you have a crawling baby.

If you do not have a lot of space, and the trampoline will only be used episodically, or your child needs the added support of a handle bar to jump, the Original Toy Company Fold and Go trampoline is a great contender.

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide about the best trampolines for kids!