TOP 10 New & The best electric cars for kids in 2019

Review of TOP 10 best electric cars for kids

When you are shopping for the best electric cars for kids, you’ll find it difficult to compare potential purchases side-by-side. Each review below has been designed to help with that problem.

Every entry is formatted in a similar fashion, to make comparing them easier. Key features found in our table are added to with both pros as well as cons found for each product. Additional information should help you to select an electric-powered toy car that matches the needs and interests of your child.

Best Electric Cars For Kids
Power Size Assembly Required Weight Capacity Motor Power Manufacturer Recommended Age
Peg Perego John Deere 12 volt One-seat Yes 85 lbs. 2/165w motors 3-7 years
Power Wheels Dune Racer 12 volt Two-seats Yes 130 lbs. 775 motor 3-7 years
Power Wheels Power 6 volt One-Seat Yes 40 lbs. 550 motor 1-3 years
Ride On Car Truck 12 volt One-Seat Yes 65 lbs. Double Drive 3-8 years
Razor Dune Buggy 2/12 volt One-Seat No 120 lbs. 350w motor 8+ years
Power Wheels Hot 12 volt One-Seat Yes 65 lbs. 775 motor 3-7 years
Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler 12 volt Two-Seats Yes 130 lbs. 775 motor 3-7 years
Power Wheels Ford 6 volt One-Seat Yes 65 lbs. 550 motor 2-6 years
Kawasaki Lil’ Quad 6 volt One-Seat Yes 40 lbs. Unlisted 1-3 years
Police Motorcycle 12 volt One-Seat Yes 110 lbs. Unlisted 5+ years

1. Peg Perego John Deere– best car for kids

This product is built for fun and games for your toddlers.

Peg Prego began with baby carriage manufacturing over six-decades ago.

Parents looking for minimal speeds should enjoy the top-speed lockout that keeps heavy feet in check. Children will love the chance to role-play as farmers, and the trailer adds to this theme.

best electric ride on toysKey Features

  • Uses a 12v rechargeable battery.
  • This is a single seater.
  • Assembly is required.
  • Can carry up to 85-pounds.
  • Includes two 165-watt pre-installed motors.
  • Recommended Ages three to seven.


  • High-speed lockout
  • FM radio
  • Great role-playing opportunities


  • Wider turn radius
  • Green shows scratches
  • Not as “cool” to older kids

Verdict: With a second gear lock-out this might be the best battery car for kids as little as three.

2. Power Wheels Dune Racer– best motorized car for toddlers

The color choices make this a cool and fun product.

Power Wheels is a brand name under the Fisher-Price company.

Its brakes automatically engage when your child’s foot lets off of the accelerator. Kids will be happy with tackling tough terrain with a friend in this two-seat version of a dune buggy with fast car colors.

battery powered cars for 3 year oldsKey Features

  • Powered by 12-volt battery.
  • Can seat two riders.
  • Some assembly will be required.
  • Can carry up to 130-pounds.
  • Its 775 motor provides extra torque.
  • Recommended Age three to seven.


  • Two operating speeds
  • Auto-lock brakes
  • “Cool” colors


  • Steel adds to product weight
  • Becomes cramped for bigger children.
  • Decals weather poorly

Verdict: This could be Fisher-Price’s best 2 seater power wheels for unique colors.

3. Power Wheels Power – best kids electric car

It is designed for your super-heroes first ride.

Fisher-Price was founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher and Irving Price.

As a parent, you will feel comfortable with the ease and limited mobility offered for really young riders. Toddlers will have fun moving with the aid of its push-button motor controls.

best power ride on toysKey Features

  • This operates on a six-volt rechargeable battery.
  • It accommodates one rider.
  • There will be some assembly needed.
  • Can carry up to 40-pounds.
  • Wattage is unlisted for the 550 motor.
  • Recommended Ages are one to three years.


  • Simple controls
  • Limited maximum speed
  • Foot rests are built-in


  • Moves forward only
  • Lid hinges a weak-point
  • Children outgrow quickly

Verdict: The features make this drivable car for kids a great first electric vehicle.

4. Ride On Car Truck – best electric toy car

This toy has been built to offer two modes of driving.

Both co-owners came up with the idea of Best Choice Products over a game of billiards.

Children will be entertained with driving and controlling this by remote. Everyone will be happy with the longer entertainment value it provides.

battery powered cars for 6 year oldsKey Features

  • Battery provides 12-volts of power.
  • This is a one-seat design.
  • Assembly will be required.
  • Maximum weight is listed as 65-pounds.
  • This double-drive motor doesn’t list wattage output.
  • Recommended ages are three to eight years.


  • Provides three speeds
  • Includes a remote controller
  • Adjustable seatbelt for added safety


  • Warranty only 60-days
  • Remote can be misplaced
  • Lots of electronics

Verdict: This product’s extra electronics makes this drivable car for kids a popular model.

5. Razor Dune Buggy – kids motorised cars

It’s made as an electric go-cart for your older child’s play.

Razor rose to prominence in 2000 with their Model A scooter products.

Your pre-teen is the targeted age and their continued enjoyment of electric motors means that you won’t need to buy fuels.

Key Features

  • Two 12-volt batteries are required to operate.
  • There is room for the driver only.
  • It comes 99-percent assembled.
  • This will carry 120-pounds.
  • A 350-watt motor is employed.
  • Recommended age of eight or older.


  • Knobby tires for rougher terrains
  • Brake controls are hand operated
  • Handles heavier weights


  • Not intended for younger riders
  • No shielding offered on sides or top
  • Requires two batteries to run

Verdict: This children electric cars model is meant for older children.

6. Power Wheels Hot – best electric car for 5 year old

Fisher-Price offers this electric toy bike with limited control features for younger riders.

Power Wheels focused on toy car products for children ranging from one to seven years of age.

Children looking for “Off-road” adventures will be intrigued by this ATV-styled product design.

best 12v ride on toysKey Features

  • Makes use of 12-volt rechargeable battery.
  • This is built for one rider.
  • Assembly is needed before use.
  • Maximum weight of 65-pounds.
  • Uses standard 550 Fisher-Price motor.
  • Recommended ages between three and seven years.


  • Twist grip throttle
  • Drives in reverse as well
  • Offers engine details on body


  • Foot rest may come loose
  • Plastic tires ride rough on asphalt
  • Uses a flat seat

Verdict: This children electric cars design offers a controllable ATV model.

7. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler – good electric cars for kids

A Jeep style design with a Disney favorite’s theme.

Power Wheels brand naming started in 1986 after a merger two years previously between two San Francisco companies.

Younger fans of the movie Frozen will be exited by the look of this toy vehicle. Parents are comforted by the limited power and speed.

best battery ride on toysKey Features

  • Makes use of 12-volt battery power.
  • This carries two riders.
  • Assembly is required
  • Maximum weight is 130-pounds.
  • Uses standard Fisher-Price 775 electric motor.
  • Recommended Ages three to seven years.


  • Storage in back
  • Radio plays movie songs
  • Disney movie graphics


  • Doors could work loose
  • Limited leg room
  • Body shows wear

Verdict: This small electric car for kids is great for Frozen movie fans.

8. Power Wheels Ford – best electric car for toddlers

This model has a wide wheelbase for extra stability while it is in operation.

Power Wheels has produced over 100 model names through the years, including this product.

Younger toddlers will get their chance to drive a Ford just like their parents. Adults will appreciate its limited top speeds and power lock brakes that provide safety when their kids drive around.

best toddler electric carKey Features

  • Operates on 6-volt power.
  • This is a one-seat build.
  • Assembly is necessary.
  • Can carry 65-pounds.
  • Employs the 550 motor.
  • Recommended Ages are two through six years.


  • Limits top speeds
  • Imitates Ford look
  • Foot pedal control


  • Can’t handle uneven grades
  • Bed storage limited
  • Headlights are stickers

Verdict: This truck may be an ideal boys electric cars design.

9. Kawasaki Lil’ Quad – power wheels electric cars

This has been designed with the littlest drivers in mind.

Mattel, Power Wheels’ parent company, began in 1945 in Hawthorne, California.

A product designed for operation by those as little as one year of age makes it a good choice for first-time riders while providing them with fun.

best battery powered cars for toddlersKey Features

  • Power is provided by 6-volt battery.
  • It seats one rider only.
  • Assembly will be required.
  • This is able to carry up to 40-pounds.
  • Motor is unlisted for this product.
  • Recommended ages range from one to three years.


    • Low top speed
    • Provides easy operation
    • Buttons are larger


      • More narrow wheel base
      • Gas hatch might work loose
      • It is quickly outgrown

Verdict: This should be a good motorized car for 1 year old riders.

10. Police Motorcycle – best motorized cars for kids
This motorcycle design offers a different experience from cars made for kids.Fun Creation offers limited online resources but does have a company website with contact information.Marketed for post-toddler aged children who need to keep pace with bad guys on the road. Lots of imaginary play can be made with this toy.

top cars for kidsKey Features

  • Powered through 12-volt battery.
  • Designed for one rider.
  • Assembly will be necessary.
  • Maximum weight is 110-pounds.
  • Motor details are unlisted for this.
  • Children should be at least five years old.


  • Uses hand throttle controls
  • Produces police sound effects
  • Multiple lights do work


  • Storage hinges are weak point
  • Somewhat slow for age bracket
  • higher minimum age

Verdict: An option for children past toddler age wanting an electric-powered ride.

Common Questions From Parents

You may find yourself asking questions during your shopping. We have discovered during our research that parents often ask two questions more than any other, and we have included those below (along with their answers).Understanding more about the proper care needed to maintain your child’s toy vehicle after purchase helps to keep it operating efficiently and safely. This is the case, even with some of the more popular brands like Power Wheels.

1. Which Power Wheels is best?

Fisher-Price’s subdivision Power Wheels has designed over 1000 separate models over the past three decades, including many found in the reviews covered here. There are design considerations that can help you determine which might be best for your child or children, but we do have a favorite: Power Wheels Dune Racer.There are several reasons, outside of those listed in the review, that we can detail more here.

  • Its power supplied from the battery is capable of handling two occupants up to the maximum weight without slowing down. Each charge should provide its occupants with more than an hour worth of driving before needing recharging.
  • Two bucket-styled seats help to keep children secure when driving while helping to discourage them from climbing out.
  • Its controls keep their fun and interesting but are not over-complicated for young toddlers to learn.
  • Even if you only have one child, two-seats mean twice their fun for themselves as well as their best friend.

Its color and design are fun, too!

2. How to care for kids electric cars?
Unlike other toys, your child’s electric drivable vehicle will require inspections and occasional maintenance to keep it working properly for them. Inspections should include:

  • Verify that all fasteners are secure to prevent them from coming loose, causing parts to fall off.
  • Inspect batteries and their compartments to make sure that any minor damage is addressed before major issues crop up.
  • Look over all body parts to make sure that no cracks have appeared. Repair or replace any damaged pieces.

Owner manuals should provide you with routine maintenance tips such as:

  • Charge and drain batteries properly so that they will last longer.
  • Clean your child’s vehicle regularly. That can extend the life of any electronics, as well as keep joints and bearings operating smoothly.
  • Keep this equipment stored out of the elements when it is not being played with. Exposure to the sun and weather will cause damage to this toy.

Our choice of the best electric cars for kids

From those products reviewed, we feel that the Power Wheels Dune Racer provides your best electric cars for kids design. There’s more to it than body and color.

The battery handles two occupants, taking advantage of extra torque generated by the motor. Brakes engage when its accelerator isn’t.

If you’re needing something else, perhaps other from the list will work:

  • Peg Perego John Deere – Suggested for interactive playing.
  • Power Wheels Power – Nice for toddlers.
  • Ride On Car Truck – Good for stimulated play.
  • Razor Dune Buggy – Suggestable to pre-teens.
  • Power Wheels Hot – Suggested with racing off-road.
  • Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler – Recommended with Disney-fans.
  • Power Wheels Ford – Good with inspired play.
  • Kawasaki Lil’ Quad – Recommended for introducing ATVs.
  • Police Motorcycle – Suggested for older children.